10 Thoughts: Week of June 4th


Alright, so back again with this week’s 10 Thoughts column! It’s finally June, which means summer is truly just about here at last. While this means the season of being outdoors, swimming and every other summer pursuit is very much here to stay for a few months, there’s still plenty to talk about when it comes to animation. Here’s this week’s musings:


1. Rewatching Assassination Classroom’s OPs actually gave me a newfound appreciation of them. Seriously, watch them in this video back to back to back:

There’s a condensed version of the show’s narrative being told in them, and even more cool (which can’t be noted here) is the fact that as new students or teachers join the class, they actually join the OP. This was most noticeable after Irina Jelevic joined the staff in season 1, as well as two other “transfer students.”  The amount of detail as a result, is actually worth noting…as is the silly dancing of the first two iterations of the OP, which grows on you. Sometimes, the lesson to to be learned is that a refreshed look at some aspect of a show can make you learn new tidbits, and appreciate it all the more.



2. As has started to become a habit in this column, My Hero Academia isn’t far from the mind, and especially so with such a hugely pivotal episode hanging in the balance for next week. For those of you not watching the third season yet, this information should probably serve to ignite more intrigue, and for those of you who are watching, it’s going to be appointment television. (Then again, it’s really more like computer streaming these days. Seriously, I always liked the phrase, but it really made me just stop and think about my audience, and now I feel old.)



3. A big thank-you to all the new followers this week, and the continued support of those who’ve stuck around for a while here on AniB Productions. You know who you are- and it means the world to me. As for the past week’s pieces: It’s really true what they say about your favorite pieces not getting as many views, but plenty of love from the audience you care about the most, and that was certainly true with young Nagisa from Assassination Classroom. The feedback was pretty awesome on that piece, and for anyone still on the fence about the show in question, watch it! (Heck, I even talked about its OPs as point 1.)


4. I’m going to believe to the end of time that Coco was the best film of 2017. No, not just best animated film, but best overall film. It had everything- eyecandy animation that augmented the storytelling, an authentic cultural experience, lovable characters, a heart-rending narrative, and one of the most emotional endings I’ve seen in any film. I did write about it at Christmas, but this thought was reinforced after seeing quite a few of last year’s films since the semester ended.


5. Since we’re on the topic of movies, I really hope the third iteration of DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon franchise really flies next year. To put it bluntly, the first two films are the only thing in the last decade that even remotely reached the level of Pixar (or now, Walt Disney Animation’s) finest movies in the same stretch, and they were both a pleasure to watch, complete with wonderfully fluid animation that brought this intoxicating, rough world of Vikings and dragons to life, and an emotional core to match. Maybe it’ll win the Academy Award this go-round though. Who knows?


6. Last week, I brought up Martian Successor Nadesico. I’ll be looking to try and turn that into a review, perhaps even this week. One heck of a catchy opening in that show, as I noted in the previous 10 Thoughts.


7. I’ve been meaning for a while to do a deeper dive into retro Western animation. You may or may not recall a while back that I did in fact take a look at Hanna-Barbera’s The Huckleberry Hound Show, and also wrote about the classic Looney Tunes episode “Duck Amuck,” but not much else. The classics are the classics for a reason though, and I’m very fond of them, and there’s a reason for that, beyond the history: most of them are still really, really good productions.


8. I noted recently that in a little over a month, it will mark the ten-year anniversary of the Avatar: The Last Airbender finale of “Sozin’s Comet.” What an incredible finish to an incredible show, and one that still resonates as deeply now as it did when it debuted.


9. Since I asked last week, if you’ve got a favorite character, leave a comment below! I might turn it into a “What’s in a Character piece” for the future, and that could be exciting.


10. Now I definitely need an Incredibles 2 thought in here: We’re finally within a tangible distance away from the movie’s release and I’d be lying if this wasn’t my most hyped movie in forever. It’s not just the fact that audiences waited 13 and a half years for this sequel to come along, but it’s also the fact that The Incredibles has always been my favorite film, since I first saw it in theaters back during December of 2004. The timeless narrative, which had an appeal to people of every age, and the innovative blending of a dynamic family narrative and the silver age of superheroes combined to form one heck of a movie, and one that bias aside, can still be consider one of Pixar’s best. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have an Incredibles review in the next 10 days…and then of course I’ll cover the film. I know my M.O. is shows, but my first love was always movies and you bet I’ll be covering this one.

Like what you see? Enjoy the 10 Thoughts column? Still have a character or show you want to see done? Leave a comment!

Author: anibproductions

I am the founder and writer of AniB Productions, currently a blog with a focus on animated shows from both the East and the West. Love Buffalo sports, good political discussion, and an interesting conversation wherever I go.

5 thoughts on “10 Thoughts: Week of June 4th”

  1. You’ve certainly been having a lot of thoughts lately. Guess it’s to make up for the multi-month drought of posting. 😛

    Anyway, as for this particular set of thoughts it honestly is kind of cool to be seeing MHA becoming so popular, and really be the successor to Naruto everyone expected it to be. That being said, as someone else who followed the manga for awhile future events (anime wise, I think) really soured me on the series. I still enjoy the (heroic) cast for the most part, but I think this is where I can say that I’ve kind of grown out of the shone action genre, and that mixing it with the superhero genre turned out to be a strangely poor fit.

    I was honestly surprised that we are getting a third HtTYD film, but I’m not complaining. The movies have been consistently good, and have never shied away from showing their characters change overtime. It’ll be fun to see what the years have done to Hiccup and the others.

    The Incredibles 2 should be interesting, but I wonder if it will fail to fully catch on given the complete saturation of super hero movies we’ve had for the past . . . decade or so. The trailers/teasers haven’t been that great either, but then what animated film ever has good trailers?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been getting a lot of thoughts in, hehe. I also wanted to save some for this comment, since I gave you plenty of Star thoughts on your other comment in the other thread, lol.

      So you’ve followed My Hero Academia? Delighted to hear that. I too have kept up with the manga; it’s not a perfect series but it is a pretty entertaining shonen whose major issue has generally been integrating the rest of the class on a more involved level in major events; while some of the students have seen more involvement over time (think Kirishima), I’d like to see more as they get older and mature further with the escalating rise of villainy in their society. I do enjoy following the anime though, since it’s fun to see how manga events will be adapted to the screen in full color and action, plus voice acting; and it’s also a fun series to watch, even if you know the twists. Agreed that it’s the next big thing in shonen and has really taken that mantle; if the anime can stay focused with the general lack of filler we’ve gotten so far, it’s in great shape.

      I too anticipate the 3rd HtTYD film. I greatly enjoyed the first two and believe they are DreamWorks’ best stuff since the early Shrek movies. They do have an awful tendency to come out in stacked years for animation though (2010, 2014), which kills their chances at the award circuits to an extent, though through no fault of their own. Hiccup and the rest coming of age was fun; now in a position of leadership, it will make for an interesting dynamic.

      Finally…Incredibles 2. This movie has the highest bar in the universe to reach from me, not because The Incredibles was just a fantastic film, but because it was also yours truly’s favorite film of all time. I don’t think it’ll be bogged down by the superhero saturation for a few reasons: a) it’s a highly anticipated sequel to a stellar film that people have wanted for years, b) the Incredibles has always been about family in equal parts with the superhero genre it navigates, which gives it a unique niche, and c) it’s Pixar, and as far as animated fare goes the week of the 15th, it’s the only game in town. I’d safely predict it’ll crush box offices. And finally…yes, don’t worry about the trailers. As I always say, if the trailer’s the best part of your film, you’re in deep trouble. It’s been a pleasure to hear from you again!


  2. Sorry for not commenting more, but I really enjoy these thoughts posts and your generally more frequent posting. The Nagisa character study was so detailed that it brought back a lot of memories of why I enjoyed Assassination Classroom. As for other characters, I wouldn’t be averse to big ones like Light from Death Note, Aang or Korra, or the rest of the Bebop crew beyond Spike. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but I’ve come to love the huge and colorful cast of the anime Durarara! Any of the many major characters from there could warrant a full piece.
    I’m trying to keep my hopes in check for both Incredibles 2 and How to Train Your Dragon 3. The former has a steep climb to come anywhere close to the original, and the trailers haven’t thrilled me, which is typical for Pixar’s films, which usually manage to surprise me. With HtTYD, I wasn’t as much a fan of the second, and so hope the third one might redeem it.

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    1. Hi S.G.! It’s great to hear from you again, and as always, I look forward to your comments and these discussions 🙂

      The Nagisa piece definitely came out the way I was hoping, and it was in fact triggered by me re-watching parts of the show and its openings once again. It’s a wonderfully inventive anime, and at the core of that was one of the more lovable sets of characters I’ve come across- and Nagisa was ideal for a great analysis, since he grows so much over the course of that series, and really has a lot of unique traits that come together in interesting thematic ways. (He’s also a big favorite of mine, so that was also a little influence, hehe.) For other character pieces…definitely like all those suggestions, and it reminds me I ought to also post a Death Note review sometime. Light’s a fun character in particular because he is the embodiment of the “protagonist with noble intentions that ends as the big bad,” and he’d be a lot of fun to revisit.

      Durarara!, huh? It’s been on my radar for a bit, but I might give it a nice bump up the priority list with your recommendation. You’ve always had very solid picks, and I think we tend to share similar tastes on a good number of productions, so it gets me really excited.

      Incredibles 2 and How To Train Your Dragon 3… Well, the former has the world’s highest bar to clear for yours truly, given that beyond the fact that the original film is brilliant on so many levels, it’s also my favorite film of all time. Let’s hope it’s…incredible, pun fully intended. And for HtTYD… I probably liked 2 a bit more than you did, largely because of the Hiccup/Stoick dynamic and emotional resonance of that plot point, but I do hope 3 is a spectacular film. You never can get tired of quality creative work and the respect I have for the people who make it go is immense.

      On a final note…I’m glad I’m posting some more now again. With any luck, I’ll make my 100th post in the next month, so that’ll be a fun event. Pleasure as always!

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      1. You’re already close to 100? Wow, that’s quite the milestone, so well done.
        Durarara isn’t a perfect show by any means, with its own slow parts and unfinished plot threads, but it’s one of those wild ride shows where I thought I’d never remember all the characters yet found myself enjoying the huge, interweaving cast and every “arc” they go through. I think it’s from the same author as Baccano, if that gives any indication of its plot style (though without the extreme violence of that show). Plus, it’s got some of my favorite openings of any anime.

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