An August update!

Dear readers,

As you’ve no doubt noticed, AniB Productions has been extremely quiet for over a month, and simply put, the reason for that was a self-imposed hiatus related to my coursework that has been eating up my time…until yesterday, at the time of this writing. Yes, I’m excited and looking forward to getting back once again to delivering some brand-new content over the next few weeks, and I’ve got quite a few ideas up my sleeve. Additionally, it’s high time again that I ask everyone about anything they’d like to see as August continues on and into the fall- whether it be a review, a character piece, or some entirely different concept they’d like to hear my thoughts on.

There’s a lot of exciting events always happening in the world of animation, and in many ways, the tides of change seem to be prevalent in the Western realm at least, most notably with the looming finale of long-time Cartoon Network staple Adventure Time, and the variety of new series that have quietly but surely come onto the scene in the past year or two. And in the East, the usual tide of seasonal anime rolls on, where the ever-present question of quality versus quantity is fair to ask in the ever-increasing number of releases each year now. At any rate, it’s been an exciting year to date in that regard, but as always I’ll also be keeping a firm on the past and the history of animation, so no worries there!

An idea I recently had was about asking what pieces over the last year and a half have really impacted you, the readers. I know I’ve had a tendency to work in cycles like now, thanks in no small part due to my university studies, but as with all things, what I choose to write is indeed both partially what I’d like to cover and also careful consideration of those who make suggestions. Ultimately though, every piece is crafted to be of a standard that not only would be acceptable to me, but also something you can hopefully enjoy reading at any time and place, because writing, like the medium I cover, deserves to be high quality, both as a responsibility of the author and out of respect to you, the readers. This fact is a large part why I’ve been off for long swaths of time, because I simply refuse to give anything less than my best on here, and while I cannot guarantee that there won’t be more hiatuses, I assure everyone that I will do my best to plan out the time to write as best as I can, especially once the regular semester gets underway again.


As things stand, it’s time to get back to work here on AniB Productions. I do hope as readers you enjoyed the Noragami piece that was my sole July release, but be assured, you’ll be getting a lot more this month. As always, looking forward to more amazing things to cover and people to meet,



Christian, aka “AniB”

Have any thoughts on the update? Any suggestions for me to cover? Leave a comment!

Author: anibproductions

I am the founder and writer of AniB Productions, currently a blog with a focus on animated shows from both the East and the West. Love Buffalo sports, good political discussion, and an interesting conversation wherever I go.

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    1. Hey Irina! Yeah, I suppose it is a big question, but I definitely am eager to hear your feedback. Don’t worry about muddling what you read where, it happens when you read a lot of material 🙂


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