Day 15: A Brief Interlude

Hi all,

My laptop needed to go in for service, which really dashed something I wanted to write about today (and you will all get!) With that in mind, we’re in that final 12 day stretch before Christmas and I wanted to hear from you, the readers, on how this Advent Calendar countdown is going, and any sort of content you may really want to see as the big day draws nearer. With any luck, my technical difficulties will be resolved shortly, but in the meantime I’m looking forward to the comments here, both on how it’s gone and where people might want it to go. Don’t worry- I still have plenty of ideas on my own end, and at worst, any other ideas that don’t get used now will still be considered and probably used in a future piece, countdown or not.

Thank you again for all the support; the floor is yours.


Author: anibproductions

I am the founder and writer of AniB Productions, currently a blog with a focus on animated shows from both the East and the West. Love Buffalo sports, good political discussion, and an interesting conversation wherever I go.

2 thoughts on “Day 15: A Brief Interlude”

  1. No shame in taking a day off, especially for technical difficulties. My favorite holiday specials have long been the animated Grinch (not the most recent one, which I still have yet to see) and the Hey, Arnold holiday special (“Arnold’s Christmas”), which I’ve written about myself for a Blogathon. A review of one or both of those would not go unappreciated!

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