April Update!

I’m back! A quick refresher for everyone.

Hello dear readers,

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve been on a big long hiatus. I do apologize for that, but it was important to prioritize some bigger priorities (namely academic) in my life right now. However, it was important to let everyone know that I’m certainly not going to be off and away from here forever, and in fact, I’ve got some new and exciting things planned for the future! A sneak peek, if you were curious:


-A new “What’s in a Character?” piece. Yes, the ever-popular character analysis series does have another entry on the way, or maybe even two….I’ll leave you all to guess who it might be!


-New show reviews! Always the backbone of AniB Productions, I’ve still kept busy watching some new fare, and there is certainly some series I’ve been hoping to cover for a little while. There’s both picks that I’ve wanted to do, but also some things people had requested to me and I’ve patiently taken both factors into consideration.

-At least one special project in the making. Even when I get back to writing a bit more regularly, this one is a long-term idea where I’ve got to watch a few more productions until I can actually write the piece. I’m pretty excited about this idea, though!

So there’s a bit of a preview. I’m hoping everyone has continued to enjoy reading this blog as it has grown, and for my fellow writers on here, I do continue to wish you all the success in the world and a thank you for your continued support. I’m excited to be back, and while I will continue to be busy for the foreseeable future, I’m going to do my very best to get some of the promised new material out for everyone’s reading enjoyment. Here’s to a continued good year in animation and writing-

-Christian, aka “AniB”

Author: anibproductions

I am the founder and writer of AniB Productions, currently a blog with a focus on animated shows from both the East and the West. Love Buffalo sports, good political discussion, and an interesting conversation wherever I go.

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