Thank you- 100 followers!

In a twist of irony on the day I returned at last from a writing hiatus, AniB Productions has finally, officially hit 100 followers!

A big thank you is in order to everyone who’s read the work that’s been posted here, put up with hiatuses, suggested shows and other ideas to cover, and for continued support through it all. For those who have followed AniB Productions, you know who you are, and I am grateful, particularly with those I’ve been fortunate enough to interact with on here and with some of your own blogs as well!

As I move forward on here, I’m excited for what will come, and I plan to write regularly again as the summer begins. It’s an exciting time, and I can’t wait to give it my all. In a way, the greatest gift I can give is to keep on writing and hopefully keep it fresh and interesting.

I’m truly grateful for the support of great readers and bloggers,

-Christian, aka “AniB”

Author: anibproductions

I am the founder and writer of AniB Productions, currently a blog with a focus on animated shows from both the East and the West. Love Buffalo sports, good political discussion, and an interesting conversation wherever I go.

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