Celebrating 2 years of AniB Productions!

Hello dear readers,

While I’ve just taken a short week-long break, it brings me great excitement to note that it has been officially 2 years since I started this journey with all of you! While these first years have flown by in a flash, the commitment and vision of this blog remain uncompromised, and I look forward to creating more great new material going forward.

As AniB Productions starts its 3rd year of operation, I’m excited to continue discovering new things in the world of animation, while working on both criticism and analysis work- and while everything I’ve been doing so far will continue, I am always open to suggestions and feedback, be it within the types of pieces I currently write, or something entirely different. I can write about shows and characters until “the cows come home,” to borrow the old expression, but I can and have listened to those readers who have asked for things before- and I also keep in mind both criticism and praise. It’s important to me to read every comment that comes through the site, and for those who have frequently done so, you know I generally respond, usually with more than a little blurb.

More importantly though, has been the steadfast support of readers like yourself as this animation-lined path has been traveled. It’s been a blast getting to know some of you through frequent comments, shared interests in some shows and the discovery of others, or even though pieces like the “What’s In A Character” series. It’s the interaction and discussion that occurs that give me the greatest joy in this venture, aside from writing the pieces myself. It has truly been a pleasure- and one that I hope that I can continue to share with old and new readers alike!

This is both a small milestone and a heart-felt “thank you” for this venture. Let’s keep it rolling.


Christian, aka “AniB”

Feel free to leave a comment or any feedback. A genuine thank you to all who read my work!